About Oaxaca

Oaxaca, founded in 1529 and recently named a UNESCO world heritage site, is a beautiful colonial city nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains and surrounded by indigenous villages. It is the historical and artistic center of modern Mexican civilization being the birthplace of both political leaders such as Benito Juarez as well as artistic giants such as the modern painter Rufino Tamayo. In Oaxaca you will find the richness of a grand civilization unfolding before your eyes.

Flying into Oaxaca is like flying back into Mexico’s past, where age-old traditions are practiced and protected by Oaxaca’s warm and hospitable people. Oaxaca, referred to as the “Real” Mexico by many, has managed to maintain it’s indigenous essence and splendor unlike many other tourist destinations in Mexico. Walking up the cobbled-stoned streets, your senses will be swept away to a place that you would have never believed to have co-existed with your world back home. The subtle smells, the spicy tastes and the fantastic sights of Oaxaca will literally wake you up to a new level of being where you too become a part of the indigenous soul and mystical experience of our city…… even if for just few days. Welcome.

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