Oaxaca Bed and Breakfast Association is an organization of family owned and operated guest houses and small hotels whose goal is to promote the magic of the City of Oaxaca, its central valleys and the state of Oaxaca by providing patrons with accommodations in a quaint, personal touch setting, and an opportunity to experience and understand the diversity of past and present cultural traditions, facilitated through their lodgings and like-minded small-scale local businesses servicing the tourist industry.

Reasons to stay at a Bed and Breakfast establishment:

  • Each one is an unique Oaxacan house with an Earth friendly philosophy.
  • Staff on duty 24/ 7 for personal attention
  • Support local economy buying from regional farmers and local village craftsmen.
  • The best suggestions for restaurants, archeological sites, cooking schools, spanish language schools, temazcales, massage, and interesting places in and outside of the city.

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